UE3P surgical platform is suited for conventional and mini pigs
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Each surgery room has gaseous anesthesia and peri-operative monitoring tools. The platform is operated by technicians trained to perform surgery and dedicated to the porcine model.

The surgical approaches mainly consist in vascular and digestive catheterization, implantation of devices, interventional surgeries or models on the digestive system  or reproductive system.

Surgery facilities host external research teams

UE3P can provide with assistance to the elaboration of the experimental design, management of peri-operative monitoring, provision of experimental models and surgery.




Teaching and medical training : CEGARE

Center of experimental surgery in large animals for research and teaching

This program is piloted in partnership with INRAE, the faculty of medicine and the university hospital of Rennes. The surgery platform is a key element of CEGARE.

The objectives of CEGARE are to:


1) Train medical students, interns and clinicians at the Rennes University Hospital through procedural simulation on porcine models so as to enable them to acquire new skills or perfect gestures, in surgery as in other interventional disciplines;

2) Offer training in surgery or interventional disciplines to a wider audience, including students and clinicians from other universities and/or hospitals, or even an audience from the medical industry and health technologies;

3) Supervise the implementation of collaborative research projects between Inrae, Inserm, the University and the University Hospital of Rennes, or other public and private establishments, in the field of experimental surgery on porcine models; If joint needs in anatomical or functional imaging are required, the scientific pilots of CEGARE will take care of the interaction with the different components of the PRISM platform.


For any further information, research, teachning or training project contact us indicating (as far as possible):

  •     Nature of the project (research or training)
  •     Objectives sought
  •     Planned surgeries/procedures
  •     Animal requirements (number and characteristics)
  •     Periods or dates desired for this project
  •     Type of funding
  •     Contact details of the project contact person

Email address for all your requests: cegare@inrae.fr



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